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العم أبو عرب

أثناء عودتي من المدرسة في يوم من الايام رأيت العم أبو عرب ذالك الشيخ الكبير الكاهل ذو الوجه المجعد مسود العينين يجلس تحت احدى اشجار البستان الذي أسلكه كل يوم للوصول الى مدرستي. مشاعر الحزن والالم تملئ عيون العم أبو عرب وهو يجلس تحت تلك الشجرة في ذلك البستان الاخضر الذي يعلو قمة الجبل. ماذا

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Nobody teaches a doctor the emotional consequences of medicine !

  What is often overlooked in medicine is the emotional heft of dealing with hardship that the doctor himself or herself experiences. A doctor, nurse, or anyone involved in the health care of people is often at the eye of the proverbial storm.I remember a blistery winter day while I was in 2nd year in

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The story of us : Elle Clinic initiative

There’s an urgent need for education and health care advocacy for teen girls and young women around the globe. In Algeria, women usually get a poor quality of health care, especially mum’s to be! They are treated in a non-compassionate way, and often medical malpractice happens and costs these women’s lives or their new born’s.

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