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Nobody teaches a doctor the emotional consequences of medicine !

  What is often overlooked in medicine is the emotional heft of dealing with hardship that the doctor himself or herself experiences. A doctor, nurse, or anyone involved in the health care of people is often at the eye of the proverbial storm.I remember a blistery winter day while I was in 2nd year in

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Ellamah “Gathering” was the dominant feature of Eldhahrya people, and Eldahrya is one of the marginalized areas in Alexandria and many people don’t know anything about it. l lived in eldhrya, and when I was 11 I started writing poetry and wanted to be an actor, so I was trying to find theatre and literature

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The wining tool for development in any country is good governance, and youth should take a leading role in this journey taking in consideration engaging women as a main component and give her an equal fair opportunities just like men. Transparency and accountability that they representing the main concepts that you build a good governance

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