The story of us : Elle Clinic initiative

There’s an urgent need for education and health care advocacy for teen girls and young women around the globe. In Algeria, women usually get a poor quality of health care, especially mum’s to be! They are treated in a non-compassionate way, and often medical malpractice happens and costs these women’s lives or their new born’s. Imagine this happened to your mum, your sister, or even to you!

   Last summer I took an internship at the gynecological 12018729_1699713636925546_319040565_oservice at one of the biggest hospitals in my city and i witnessed how un-human these mothers to be are treated and how urgent the situation has to change .I knew by then that i needed to do something about it but didn’t know from where to start. I talked to some of my colleagues, and suggested an initiative we can work on in order to change the situation.

   This is how the ELLE clinic came to life. Its main mission was to help teen girls, young women, mothers to be, and health care providers improve their understanding of normal health and development, as well as of specific diseases and conditions.

   We want to empower women to take an active role in their own health care. At the beginning everyone told us to count on them, but eventually they didn’t come through. However remembering how bad my mother was treated 10 years ago while giving birth to my youngest sister, to the point where she could lose her baby made me realize that this was the case of the majority of Algerian women and i couldn’t just give it up .

  Later on i gathered my team and started making awareness days at my university, one of my professors encouraged me to do more and suggested that I’d ask a local school to host a seminar for medical students, midwives and doctors so we can discuss the reason these young women are not having the health care quality they deserve.

There are 10 people working with me through the Elle Clinic initiative mostly medical students and doctors. As well as some volunteers from the Red Crescent who already supported us through the awareness days and the seminar held last March. Basically we are taking baby steps, and the next mission will be to build our mobile application for women that need quick advices about their health whenever and wherever they are.